• In 1987, Katharina Thomas-Kanka, who had first been a German member of the „Initiative for women victim of the priests‘ celibacy“ for 5 years, moved to Switzerland and tried to build a network there.


    • From 1994 on, Gabriella Loser Friedli took responsibility for the coordination. 1995 was a turning point, as the bishop Hansjörg Vogel was recognized to be a father. Large parts of the public became more aware of the issue of the celibacy of priests then, and a structure could be established.


    • In May, 1997, Katharina Thomas-Kanka resigned from her post of president for health reasons.


    •  On the 23rd of September, 2000, the ZöFra formed into an association.


    •  0n the 9th of March,2001, the ZöFra was granted the Herbert Haag-Fondation price for „Liberty within the Church“.


    •  On the 17th of May, 2001, the ZöFra became member of the Schweizerischen Katholischen Frauenbundes.


  •  On the 6 november 2010, the ZöFra celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in Lucerne with over 200 guests. The churches women cabaret from Dornbirn honored the association with a free presentation.