The organisatory structure of the ZöFra is divided into 4 points:

    •  Intense network of communication between the individuals concerned (there are regional contacts in the German speaking part of Switzerland in Lucerne, St. Gall and Schaffhausen and French speaking part in Fribourg)
    • Regular meetings “BeTreff” in the German speaking part of Switzerland, every two to three months
    • The comity is composed of 4 or 5 women, which meet approx. 6 times a year to accomplish an efficient, a qualified and a targeted work, both in term of structural matters and public relations.
    • General Meeting in the spring for active members. The commitment is voluntary. The money put up for administrative tasks comes from the contributions paid by the people concerned as well as from donations


  • ZöFra is a collective member of the Swiss Catholic Women’s League SKF